tiruppavai 1
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1- MARGAZHI:  Pa:suram




    ma:rgazhi ththingal madinirainda nanna:la:l
    ni:ra:dappo:duvi:r  po:dumino: ne:rizhaiyi:r !
    si:r malgum a:yappa:di cchelva cchirumi:r ga:l
    ku:rve:l kozhunthozhilan nandago:pan kumaran
    e:ra:randakanni yaso:dai ilam singam
    ka:rme:nicchengan kadirmadiyam po:l mugaththa:n
    na:ra:yanane: namakke: parai tharuva:n
    pa:ro:r pugazh ppadinde:lo:remba:vai


ma:rgalith thingal =  Greatest Margali month
madi nirainda = of full  moon that blossoms our mind,
nanna:la:l = good  days have come

ni:ra:dappo:duvi:r = those who wish to take bath !
po:dumino: = we shall go
ne:rizhayi:r = O ! those who have decorated with great ornaments !
a:yappa:di =  of Go:kula, the place
si:rmalgum = that which was full of greatest wealth
selvachchiru mi:rga:l =O ! wealthy  little girls !
ku:rve:l                             =  With sharp spear,
kodunthozhilan               =  one who is prepared to do any harm to  protect
nandago:pan kumaran  =   his son (Nandagopa 's son,  Krishna)

e:ra:randa kanni =  Of wide-opened bewitching eyes
Yasodai      = at  Yasoda,
ilan singam=  young lion like lad (boy krishna)
ka:rme:ni = of deep coloured skin,
sengkan =  of  lovely redish  eyes,
mugaththa:n  = Having face
kadir  = like the dazzle  Sun,
madiyam  po:l = like  cool Moon,

na:ra:yanane: =  Lord Na:ra:yana:  himself
parai tharuva:n = blesses us with a small instrument (Like Drum) called 'Parai'
namakke:  = to us
pa:ro:r pugazha padindu  = such that whole world praises us

e:lo:remba:va:i =  this is our vratham, let us follow

    The month of Ma:rgasi:rsha has ome, just when we thought of going to our beautiful Lord Krishna. This is the nice time, the best days with cool and bright glow of shining moon in the sky.  Whoever wish to rejoice in the shower to break the pangs and replenish the anguish of long separation from our beloved Lord Krishna, can come now !  O' the damsels of Gokula  decorated in Jewellery and Ornaments, enjoying the plenty of cattle wealth and also the ever growing riches of the wonderful  virtues of Govinda !   By doing so, Lord Krishna, who is highly obedient to Nandagopa his father, who always holds a sharp sword in his hands to protect his son and never hesitates even to injure those who may cause any harm to his son, and that Lord Krishna who is the "LION PRINCE" in the Yasoda's eyes that were wide open with the exquisite beauty, He who is in the colour of dark dense cloud, He who has red Lotus flower like eyes, He who has glowing face that appears like bright full Moon to His Lovers and like fuming red Sun to his opponents, He who is Lord Na:ra:yana himself, will bless us with an instrument called "Parai" (a small drum) as we desire Him alone and nothing else.  So let us do this Vratham, such that the whole world enjoys the Great Happiness. Come On !  Join Us !




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"