SrimAn nArAyaNa
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ShAntAkAram bhujaga sayanam padma nAbham surEsam

VishwAdhAram gagana sadrusam megha varNam SubhAngam


Lakshmi kAntam kamala nayanam yOgi hrudyAnagamyam

VandE vishNum bhava bhaya haram sarva lokaika nAtham


MEgha syAmam peeta kausEya vAsam

SrI vatsAnkam koustubhOdbhAsitAngam


PuNyopEtam pundarIkAyatAksham

VishNum vande sarva lOkaika nAtham




Lord of highest bliss and tranquility, who is resting on the thousand hooded Adi sesha, with a lotus flower sprouting from His navel, the Lord of lords


The Lord who is bigger than the biggest, the support of the skies, who is in black cloudish colour, the most auspicious Lord


Who is always served by Srimati Lakshmi devi, the One with lotus like eyes, the One who is worshipped by the perfected yogis in their hearts


I bow unto the holy feet of such Lord Vishnu, who removes all miseries from those who take His exclusive refuge; He is the Lord of all universes.

He is Megha syAma and adorned with Koustubha mani,


The first Person, One who has innumerable forms,


The Lord who is adorned with sankha(conch), chakra(discus), kirita (crown), silk cloths, the Lord with Kousthubha mani on His chest,  the Lord with four arms, the Lord in black cloudish hue, sitting on the royal throne and who is the Lord of Rukmini and satyabhama.


This is how the Supreme Lord, Narayana, described by sages and realized souls.


Lord Sriman Narayana, who is also called govinda, Hari, vishnNu, krishNa, vAsudEva, …., is the the reason for every thing that is manifested, unmanifested and yet to manifest. He is the foundation of every thing. For ignorant people, the description of the Lord may appear symbolic or fictitious, but the infallible scriptures describe like this. The Lord of such incomparable qualities is sometimes described in the vedic literature as nirAkAri and nirguNa only to explain that His form is beyond material imperfections. Unfortunate souls mistake Him to have no form at all.


SrimAn nArAyaNA, who is akhilAnda koti brahmAnda nAyaka (the Lord of infinitely many universes), has multifarious manifestations. His form in His abode Sri Vaikuntha (the abode without any anxieties)  is called para vAsudeva. From Him comes 4 priniple incarnations called vaibhava forms, namely vaibhava vAsudeva, sankarshana, pradyumna and anirudha. From Anirudha, many incarnations emanate as His sport and Mercy for conditioned people. As antaryAmi, He is present in every one\s heart and everything. He is all pervading and omnipresent. To enable His devotees to have His personal darshan (appearance), He mercifully incarnates as deities. Hence deity worship is no lesser than worshipping the Lord directly. Especially when we are conditioned in material bondage, His archa vigraha (worshippable deity incarnation) avatAra is very easy means to serve the Lord. When antaryAmi is like moisture in air, archa form is like water in the well, we cannot drink moisture but water in the well can easily be used to satisfy our thirst. Hence deity worship is greatly emphasized by the acharyas. Lord Rangantha  in Sri Rangam, Sri bAlAji from Tirupati,…. infinitely many available forms are patiently waiting to pour their mercy on us. Let us take the best advantage of His most merciful form.


The following is a pictorial representation of His incarnations.

Different incarnations or expansions of Sriman Narayana

Establishing SrImAn nArAyaNa's supremacy...


bAlAji - God of grace

athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"