tiruppavai 29
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siththum siruga:le: vandu unnai cche:viththu un
poththa:marai yadiye: po:ththum porul ke:la:y
  peththamme:yaththunnum kulaththil pirandu ni:
  kuththe:val engalai kolla:mal po:ga:du
  iththaipparai kolva: nanruga:n go:vinda:
  ethaikkum e:zhezh piravikkum undannodu
  uththo:me:ya:vo:m unakke: na:m a:tcheyvo:m
  maththai nanka:mangal ma:ththe:lo:remba:vai


Oh, the  Protector of all! achieving 'jnana' during the most auspicious early morning, we who pined in grief  at your separation  have come to prostrate before you and bless your lotus feet; We have come with  a  purpose  to  you  and it is this. You are born in this world to protect all of us and as such you cannot  but  accept  our  Kainkarya  or  service. But don't think that you can send us away accepting
our service  only  for to-day; we  never  approached you with that mean idea, but  at  all  times, at  all  places, and  in  all  circumstances  we  want  to  have indissoluble tie of relationship with you. Having such a relationship we want to do  you  service, not  for  our  pleasure, not for the joint pleasure of ourselves and yourself, but  for the sole pleasure  of yourself. Perchance, we may desire for other baser objects,confounded by the 'rajasa'  and  'tamasa' gunas.Then   you need not ask  us   what our  desires are  nor grant us our desires. If  you  
 grace us in this way, we will feel highly glad that have achieved the Prapyam or the goal which we are seeking for, by undertaking this Kainkarya  Nonbu.




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"