tiruppavai 28
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karvaigal pinsenru ka:nam se:rndunbo:m
arivonrum illa:da a:yakulaththu undannai
  ppiravi perundanai punniyam ya:mudaiyom
  kurai vonru illa:da go:vinda: undanno:du
  urave:l namakkingu ozhikka ozhiya:du
  ariya:da pillaigalo:m anbina:l undannai
  cchirupe:razhaiththanavum siri yarula:de:
  iraiva: ni:tha:ra:y parai e:lo:remba:va:i


Oh,  Swamin!  We  have  spent  our  time  in  feeding  our  body, but  not  our souls, thinking that the impermanent  'Samsara'  is  the  be  all  and end-all of our existence. Though we are devoid of Jnana, Bhakti and Vairagya, yet, we are born in a race, which seek refuge only in You and in none else as a 
panacea   for   its   evils. You,  the   Omniscient,   Omnipotent  Almightly  have descended  to  a low level to be born in a race, only for the purpose of making us  joyous  and  happy. It  is  our great fortune that you have heartily and freely mixed  with  us without any reserve and thereby we have achieved the goals of our  lives. Oh, Govinda! You  are  the  owner  and  we are  the  owned  and if  anyone  were  to  dlive  deep  in  analyzing this relationship, he will find that it is
indissoluble  either  by  You, the All-powerful, or we, the mortals. Oh, Lord! When we have failed to realise  your  greatness, we  might  have called you by small names due to our ignorance; again, when we  have  realised  your greatness, we might have called you by small names due to our abundance in love. Please  don't  get  angry, but  forgive  us, showering  your  Grace  upon  us granting our desires.




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"