tiruppavai 26
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ma:le manivanna: ma:rgazhi: ni:ra:duva:n
me:laiya:r seyvanagal ve:nduvan ke:ttiye:l
  gna:laththai yella:m nadunga muralvana
  pa:lanna vannaththu un pa:nchasanniyame:
  po:lvan sengangal po:yappa:dudaiyanave:
  sa:lapperum paraiye: palla:ndi saippa:re:
  ko:lavilakke: kodiye: vitha:name:
  a:linilaiya:y arule:lo:remba:va:i

Oh,  Lord!  most  endearing  to devotees! We want the following accessories for doing Kainkarya or Service  unto  You  (-that Service which has been handed to posterity and which has been said to be necessarily done by every one), and those accessories are:-

1) a through knowledge of "Ananyartha-seshatvam" preached by the Pranava.

2)a knowledge of "Paratantriya" preached by the word 'Namaha'.


4)a knowledge of "Bhagavata-seshatva-jnana"

5)a desire for Bhagavat-Kainkarya and 

6) Bhogdritva Nivritti.

You  must  bestow  on us the above mentioned gifts. Oh, Lord who protects all, during Sankarakala, by  concealing  them in your bosom, reposing on the banyan leaf! if you be graciously pleased to give us   all   that   we  desire, our   nonbu  will  end  successfully. (In  this  pasuram,  'conches'  stand  for Ananyarha-seshatva  jnana;  Drum-for  Paratantriya  jnana;  Reciters  of  Pallandu-for Satsahavasam; lamp for Bhagavata-seshatva jnana; banner for Kainkarya; and canopy for Bhogdritva Nivritti.). This is  truly  a symbolic  stanza, which  catalogues  the various accessories necessary for approaching the Lord and enjoy His Divine Grace.




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"