tiruppavai 23
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ma:rimalai muzhanjil mannikkidandurangum
  si:riya singam arivuththu ththi:vizhiththu
  ve:ri mayir ponga eppa:dum pe:randudari

  mu:ri nimirandu muzhangippurappattu

  po:daruma:po:le: ni: pu:vaippu:vanna: un
  koyilninrum ingane: po:ndaruli ko:ppudaiya
  si:riya singa:sanaththu irundu ya:m vanda
  ka:riya ma:ra:yandu arule:lo:remba:vai


Oh, Lord! blue in colour as the Kaya flower! During the great deluge when all the worlds perish, it  is only you that sleep in Yoga on the top of the Upanishads. Again, you desire  to  create  these  worlds and with fragrance emanating from your Beauteous From through every pore or hair-cell, you venture
in this creation, coming forth aloft in a huge high form, isolating  yourself  from the 'prakriti'.So also you must come forth now, from your inner abode,  to the Hall of 'Dvaya Mantra' and  sit  on  the  throne, which possesses  the peculiar virtue  of   fulfilling  the   desires  of    those   who  approach  it. Oh , Lord! if you  pleased  to enquire of us, the business and  purpose  that  have  brought  us here to you,  and shower your grace on us, we will come out successful in the 'nonbu' undertaken by us.  

athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"