tiruppavai 22
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  angan ma:gna:laththarasar abima:n
  bangama:y vandu nin pallirkattirki:zhe
  sangamiruppa:r po:l vandu thalaippeyado:y
  kinginiva:y ccheyada tha:maraippu:ppo:le:
  sengan siricchiride: yemme:l vizhiya:vo:
  thingalum a:diththiyanu mezhunda:rpo:l
  anganirandungondu engalme:l no:kkudiye:l
  engal me:rcha:pa mizhundelo:remba:vai


Just as the kings, who are noted for their egoism, lost all their power,  and  sought   refuge  in  groups and batches at the foot of Thycot,  after  renouncing  all   their  sense  of  self-glory, so also we  have 

sought refuge in you, after dispelling our egoism.  Oh, Krishna  the  Protector! please  open   your   merciful   eyes  slowly  on  us  and  dispel  gradually  our ignorance. if  we are  able to  get  your  grace  in  full,  our  'attachment  to the body' will vanish, and our knowledge  of  servitude will raise its head; then we won't seek any other means  and the feeling  that  'we are doers' will disappear once and for all. Then we will  be  in a  position to enjoy  your  good  qualities in  full. In  this  way  if  you  bestow your grace on  us and  infuse  in  us deep  

devotion, we will be relieved of the distress due to the separation from you, and our  nonbu  will  end successfully. 




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"