tiruppavai 21
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  e:ththakkalangal edir po:ngi mi:dalippa
  maththa:de: pa:l soriyum vallal perum pasukkal
  a:ththappadaitha:n magane: arivura:y
  u:ththamudaiya:y periya:y ulaginil 
  tho:ththama:y ninrasudare: thuyilezha:y
  ma:tha:r unakku valithulaindu un va:sarkan
  a:ththa:du vandu unnadi paniyu ma:ppo:le:
  po:ththiya:m vando:m pugazhandu e:lo:remba:vai

Oh, Son of that Acharya whose disciples achieved such a perfect knowledge  from  him as to  teach others! pray be awake; Oh,The One determined by truths! Oh,  The Great!Oh,The bright Effulgence being born in  this  world, so that  others  may  visualize you! please vitality before you and surrender themselves completely  at   your   feet,  so  also  we  lost  ourselves   to  your 'Nripathika seshitvam',

thrusting aside our 'attachment to the body', independence, and allegiance to others, seeking refuge solely  at   your  feet,  blessing  you. In  this  way,  we surrender    ourselves   unto  you  and  if   you  grace  us  our   nonbu     will

 end  successfully. Some   say   that   'pasukkal'  (cows)  denotes   disciples, 'arrapadaittan '  denotes    the    Acharya    Emberumanar     and    'mahane' 

denotes  'Chella-pillai'  or  'Sampath-kumaran',  the  Lord  of   Tirunarayana 

Emberumanar. Thuogh Sri  Andal  is far anterior  in  date  to  Emberumanar,

still  to  sing  a  pasuram  which  fits  in  well with  an  inner  significance   applicable  to  the  Lord of Tirunarayanpuram is really commendable.




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"