tiruppavai 20
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muppaththu mu:var amararku munsenru
  kappam thavirkum kaliye: thuyilezha:y
  seppamudaiya:y thiraludaiya:y seththa:rku
  veppangodukkum vimala: thuyilezha:y
  seppanna menmalaicchevva:y cchirumarungul
  nappinnai nanga:y thiruve: thuyilezha:y
  ukkamum thattoliyum thandun mana:lanai
  ippo:de: yemmai ni:ra:tte:lo:remba:vai


Oh, Isvara!  who  dispels the fear of the approach of ignorance in devotees! please wake up and give Darsan. O  Impartial! O Valiant! Oh, that strikes terror in the hearts of the enemies of your devotees! You   are   keeping   mute   even   if  all  your  devotees  call  for  you  to  come  out  and  join  them.

Oh,  Mother!  noted  for  Bhakti,  beauty  and  vairagya  and  Oh,  Mediatrix! please  wake  up. In  our  service  unto the Lord, please dispel our Ahamkara and  Mamakara (the  feelings  of   ' I '  and  'mine'), grant  us the true 'svarupa jnana'  and  make  us  join  your  Lord.  If   you  do  so,  our  nonbu  will  end successfully.  (In  this  pasuram,  'men mulai' stands for 'the budding devotion'; ' cevvay'-for  'beauty',  'marungul'  for  Vairagya  or renunciation; 'ukkam'- for the   removal   of   Ahamkara    and   Mamakara;   'tattoli'  for 'svarupajnana'   i.e., seshatva  jnana.)  "This  swapadesartha or inner 


significance of the inscrutable doings of the Lord is not  understood  or  realised  except by those who have studied our books in the proper traditional method." (V.B.Tiruppavai)

According  to  Acharya  Parampari,  this  pasuram  befits  the  expression  'Sriyai namaha;  Sridaraya namaha", and  one  can  note  in this stanza the 'Mithunam' (the coupled-nature of Power and Mercy) being  awakened.  In  stanza  18,  'Sri'  is  awakened;  and  in the first half of Stanza 19, 'Sridharan' is awakened.  But  the  latter half of Stanza 19 shows that, one hinders the other, from being the first, in showering  the  grace  on  the Gopis.  So  in  this  Stanza  20, we  find  that  both  of  them  are being awakened  together  the  expressions 'kaliye tuyilelay' and 'vimala tuyilelay' denoting the awakening of 'Sridhara'  and  'Nangai  tuyilelay' and 'Tiruve tuyilelay' denoting the awakening of 'Sri'.Accoriding To the Guru Parampari this  stanza fits in well with 'Sridaraya Namaha' (Sridara-the Lord with Lakshmi). 




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"