tiruppavai 18
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  undu madagaliththano: da:da tho:l valiyan
  nandago:pa:lan marumagale nappinna:y
  kandam kamazham kuzhali: kadaithirava:y
  vandengum ko:zhiyalaiththanaga:n ma:davi
  ppandal me:l palka:l kuyilinangal ku:vinaga:n
  panda:r virali un maiththunan pe:rpa:da
  senda:maraikkaiya:l si:ra:r valaiyolippa
  vandu thirava:y magizhandu e:lo:remba:vai


Oh, Nappinnai! Who  can  be  said  to  be  related  to  an  Acharya who dispels Ahamkara in others! Oh, Mother! Who  makes  the  Lord  interested  in  protecting His devotees, thereby making way for every  one to worship Him! We want to enjoy your presence, both together, and to that effect, dispel

our ignorance. This time is propitious for 'Satva guna' and so the devotees are waking one another to do service to God. Those  who  have  fully realized the pregnant meanings imbedded in  Vedanta  Sastras  are calling for you, many a time, for  they  have  not  yet  seen  you, though  in  them  'Satva'  guna  regins uppermost.  Oh,   Universal   Mother!   Who   embraces  with  one  hand  the chetanas, and  with  other  Isvara! dispel our ignorance so that we can be fully conversant with the  secrets of all sastras; if you are going to comply with our 


 request our nonbu will fructify well. (In this pasuram, koli-stands for devotees; Madhavip-pandal-for Vedanta Sastras; Kuyil inam-for God's elect; Pandhu-for chetanas on the one hand and Isvara on the other; Kai-for 'jnana'; and 'valai olippa'- for  disseminating  the  secret  truths of sastras.).In brief, this pasuram deals with the 'Purushakaratvam  or mediation of  the  Universal  Mother.According to Guru Paramparai, this stanza and the next one  are said to fit in well with 'Sriyai Namaha'. (Sriyai-Lakshmi, the bestower of all auspiciousness).




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"