tiruppavai 16
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  na:yagana:y ninna nandago:panudaiya
ko:yil ka:ppa:ne: kodiththo:nrum tho:rana
  va:sal ka:ppa:ne: manikkadavam tha:l thirava:y
  a:yar sirumiyaro: mukku araiparai
  ma:yan manivannan nennale: va:y ne:randa:n
  thu:yoma:y vando:m thuyilezhappa:duva:n
  va:ya:l munnamunnam ma:ththa:de: amma: ni:
  ne:sa nilaikkadavam ni:kke:lo:remba:vai



Oh, Swamin! Who is perfectly blessed by your Acharya, who will  foster  the relationship between the Lord  and  an  Acharya,  and  who himself  is in Seshatva or Servitude! (then addressing another)

Oh, Swamin! Who  learned  the intricate meanings of the Tirumantra from your Acharya and  who  is

now protecting us by  conveying  those  meanings  to us! You must dispel our Atmasvarupanubhavam and Svasvatantriyam. We claim genealogy to a line of great and learned scholars  who  have  realised  fully  that the Lord is both the ‘upaya’ and ‘upeya’ and Lord Sri Krishna had already expressed explicitly  in His  Gita  that  He  would   satisfy   the   desires  of  one  who  seeks for Him.

So,  we  no  other  desire  except  to  wake  Him  up;  as  you  are  our  chief recommendatory help,we request you to grace us by not refusing our request.


Now, if  you realize your ‘svarupa’ and help us to do service to Lord Krishna at the proper time, our Nonbu will  come out successful. (In this pasuram the inner meaning denoted by words is as follows:- Nandagopan- the  Acharya  who  himself  is  in  Seshatva; torana vassal- The inticate meanings of the Tirumantra;  manik- kathavam- Atmasvarupa;  talentry  into  Svatantriyam; tuyomay-having no desire except God realisation.  

As per Guru Paramparai tjis stanza and the next one are to fit well sith 'Srimath Visvaksenaya namaha' (Visvaksena the Chief Commander who protects the gate of Lord).




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"