tiruppavai 12
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kanaithilanththairumai kanrukkirangi,
ninaiththumulai vazhiye: ninrupa:lso:ra,
nanaiththillam se:ra:kkum narchelvanthanga:y!
paniththalaivi:zhanin va:sal kadaipaththi
sinaththina:l thennilangai ko:ma:naiccheththa
manaththukkiniya:nai ppa:davum ni:va:y thirava:y
iniththa: nezhundira:y i:denna pe:rurakkam
anaiththillaththaru marinde:lo:remba:vai!

Oh Swamin! at least get up now. you  are the brother of the great Acharya   whose disciples are able to initiate themselves in the enjoyment of the  Lord’s qualities by the  grace  of  your  brother.  Though the enjoyment of    the qualities   of  the Lord  and  his  devotees  detract  us from  doing service unto you, yet we are able to surmount them and stand before your presence awaiting your grace.we  have uprooted the ‘ego’ in  us, which  is  responsible  for our  births  and  deaths  and  we  are  singing  the glories of Rama. in spite of this, you are not yet awake. what  kind  of  sleep  is  this?

 If it is like the common sleep of mankind, you must have been awake by  this time because it is morning:  if   it  sleep  like  Vishnu’s,  it  must   have been  gone  as  soon  as He knows  our  despair.  your  sleep  is  peculiar as it   does not belong  to  either  of them. Oh Swamin! leaving all these  awhile, you  are  quite  aware that Bhagavat  Gunanubhava  is  not  a  sealed  secret  to one alone;  so  please come and join us so that our Kainkarya nonbu may    

end  successfully. The  girl that  is  awakened in this pasuram is of nature of Poigai Alvar. the address ‘tangay’ fits him well, in that Poigai Alvar was  born in the lotus, Sri Lakshmi. 

‘Nanait-illam cerakkum’:- this expression  denotes  that  Poigai  Alvar  wept  over  his  past  days as “palude pala pagalum poyinavenru anji aluden”. (Mudal Tiruvandadi, 16).

 Kanaittu:-  This  is  also  applicable  to Poigai  Alvar, because he  was the first  to  sing about Vishnu

 Kanrukka-irangi:- This Alvar sang the pasurams for our sake out of pure grace. Ninaittu-mulai valiye ninru pal sora! –  He  sang  the  pasurams  as  and  he  enjoyed  Bhagavat  Gunanubhava.  Panit-talai vila:- this is also  applicable  to  this  Alvar  for  he  was  born  in the lotus in a tank, open to wind and rain, and dew. the pharse ‘sinattinal ten Ilankai Komanai cerra, manattukku-iniyanaipada’:- 

The Rama charita came up to our Alvar’s mind as well, as we find in his pasuram:-       

 “Name arigirpom nannenje-pu meya

   Matavatton tal paninda valarakkan nil mudiyaip-

   Padamattal enninan panbu”. (Mudal Tiruvandadi, 45).

Inittan-elundiray:- Is  it  proper  to  sleep  after  having  repented  over  the  past days as ‘palude pala pagalum poyinanvenru etc.’(16).

Anait -illatarum  arindu:-  This expression   reminds  us  of  a  line  in  this  Alvar’s  pasuram, “Ariyum ulagellam yaneyamallen”.

 Some  scholars  (the  Jeeyar  School)  are  of  the  view  that  in this pasuram is awakened a girl who resembles Tondaradip-podi Alvar. the first line of this stanza  contains a reference to buffaloes and so also Tondaradippodi Alvar referred to buffaloes in his  Tiruppallielucci as “Mettila medigal talai vidum ayargal”. besides, we find, this stanza coming in the meaning of Tirupalli-elucci or awaking others.The expression ‘manattukku- iniyanaip padavum   ni   vay   tiravay’ strikes  an  inner  note  that at first the Alvar was steeply engrossed in love towards maidens and later was  roused  from  this  stupor  by  the  grace  of  God.  According  to  Guru  Parampari,  Manakkal Nambigal  or  Rammaisrar   is  awakened  here. (vide  the  expression ‘Sri Ramamisraya  Namaha’). as per his name we find Rama’s story referred to in lines 5 and 6. 




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"