tiruppavai 10
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 no:ththucchuvarkam puguginra ammana:y!
ma:ththamum tha:ra:ro: va:sal thirava:da:r
  na:ththaththuzha:i mudi na:ra:yanan; - namma:l
  po:ththapparai tharum punniyana:l! pandoruna:l
  ku:ththaththin va:y vi:zhanda kumbukarananum
tho:thumunakke: perunthuuyil tha:n thanda:no:?
  a:ththa anandaludaiya:y! arungalame:!
  the:ththa ma:y vandu thirave:lo:remba:vai!

puguginra = Who is entering
chuvargam = the heavens of enjoyment
ammana:y = O' Dear !
no:ththu = having vowed to our Vratham
va:sal thirava:da:r = if you don't opened your front doors
ma:ththamum tha:ra:ro: =atleast  can't you (promise) open your mouth?
na:ththa = the fragrance spreading
mudi = (the one with) crown
thuzha:y = adorned  with tulasi
na:ra:yanan =  of Na:ra:yana

namma:l = By us (He)
po:ththa = is being praised
parai tharum = (and) will bless us with paraphernelia required for our vratham
punniyana:l = To the divine form of righteousness personified (Rama)
pandoruna:l = on a day in the past
kumbakaranum = Kumbhakarna
ku:ththaththin va:y vi:zhinda = fell into the mouth of death
tho:ththum = Having thus lost
unakke: = to you,
tha:n thanda:no: = had left to you
perumthuyil = the big sleep
a:ththa anandaludaiya:y = O' the one with long sleep
arungalame: = who is our highly favoured adorned devotee of the Lord
the:ththama:y vandu = Join us without any hurdle of hurry, Come
thirave: = open the door

O Swamin ! who wants to attain the  goal  by  karma-yoga  and  God-Worship !  though you are not gracious enough to give us audience and to redeem us  from our Ahamkara,can you not utter a  word of guidance  so that we may be blessed. If  we prostrate at the feet of Naryana he  will  surely  satisfy our  wants and give the Purushartha. O  Swamin ! the  brilliance  of  your  soul  has  swept away the  

darkness of  tamo  guna  which  is responsible for Ajnana and  you  are solely engaged in your Atmanubhavam. Yet  we  treat  you  to  be  in   darkness  for should you not try to sweep away our ajnana  as wll, by  preaching the  tatvas to us and are you not the jewel among us ? Please join us and bless us so that our  nonbu   may   fructify  successfully. The  girl  awakened  in  this  pasuram possesses   the   characteristics  of   Peyalvar.   Norru  chuvarkam- puguhinra ammanay This Alvar enjoyed the eternal  bless  of  Lord, in the light ignited by


Poigai Alvar and Buttatalvar and ejaculated  in  ecstasy “Tirukkanden pon meni kanden”, Hence he is very fortunate in getting the Grace of Lord and  thus  fit  to  be  called arunkalam.Vasal tiravadar This can be seen from the face that Peyalvar  had  no  opportunity  to  open the dooor at Tirukkoilur as he was the last to enter and none came after him.

Narrat tulay mudi Naryanan:- This Alvar used to sing about the Lord, in consonance with the smell of His  tulasi as can be seen in his pasurams:-

‘Pon thoy varai marbil pun-tulay’     (Munram Tiruvandadi, 2)

‘Malaral tanattullan tan tulay marvan (“                            3).

‘Vandaraiyum tan tulay Kannan’      (“                            8).

‘Arumbum punam tulay malaiyan’     (“                           23).

‘Tan tulay tar val varai marban         (“                         100).


Pandoru nal …….etc :- This Alvar also mentions the heroic deeds of Rama in his pasurams as Andal had done. Here in his Tiruvandadi, he sings as:-

Avane, llangapuram erittan eydu (St 51)

Eytatuvum tennilakai kon vila (St 52)

Arra  Anandal :- This Alvar being  the Acharya of  Tirumalisai  Alvar  is  said to possess in a greater degree, the qualities of a paramaikanti’.

 Some other say (the jeeyar School) that in this pasuram is awakened a  girl  resembling Kulasekhara Alvar  and   this  is     inferred  from  the  expressions  ‘anantal  udaiyay’  and  terramay  vandu’. Did  not Kulasekhara  order his troops to muster so as to go for the help of Rama during Karavatha and during the construction of  sethu,  not  having  a clear  thinking  that Rama lived may centuries before him ?  Further  ‘ammanay’  denotes    hegemony  and   the  name  ‘Kulasekara’ is synonymous with “Siro-bushana” of prapannakula, “Suvargam puguhinra”  connotes  Kulasekara’s  daily  utterance  of   “Gushyathe yatra nagare-ranga yatra dine dine  (Mukundamalai).  “Arunkalame” also fits in well for he has hated rebirth;

 Cp_Uneru selvattu udar piravi yan venden”

According  to  Guru  Paramparai  it  is  held  that  Peria  Nanbi  is  awakened  in  this  parsuram.  Sri Parankusa  dasaya  namaha (Peria  Nambigal is  also known as Parankusadasar). Peria Nambi is the Acharya for Sri Ramanuja.




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"