tiruppavai 3
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o:ngi ulagalanda uththaman pe:rpa:di
    na:ngal nampa:vaikku ccha:ththi ni:ra:dina:l
    thi:nginri na:della:m thingal mumma:ri peydu
    o:ngiperum sennelu:du kayalugala
    pu:nkuvalai ppo:dil porivandu kanpaduppa
    the:nga:de: pukkirundu si:rthamulai paththi
va:nga - kkudam niraikkum vallal perum pasukkal
    ni:nga:da selvam nirainde:lo:remba:va:yi

pa:di = sing
uththaman pe:r = the name of Purushoththama
o:ngi = (He who ) Having grown
ulagalanda = measured  the whole Universe
na:ngal = we
nampa:vaikku = to our vratham
sa:ththi ni:ra:dina:l = if we take shower


na:della:m  = the whole world (lives)
thi:nginri = without any types of calamities
thingal = Every month
mumma:ri = three times
peydu = rain

o:ngu perum = growing and spreading

sennelu:du = in the middle of the rice fields
kayalugala = jumping fishes
pu: = beautiful
kuvalaippo:dil = black (kaluva ) lilly like flower
pori = having the glow of
kanpaduppa = sleeping
vannu = big  bees

the:nga:de: = Without fear
pukkirundu = if one stably  milch the cow,
va:nga = on pulling 
paththi =  by gently holding
si:rtha mulai = the  well grown milking sacs
perum pasukkal = of the  great cows
niraikkum = it fills
kudam = the pots
niraindu = (and thus you were) filled with
ni:nga:da = (having such)continuous plenty of
selvam = wealth


e:lo:remba:va:i =  this is our vratham, let us follow

Short  Meaning -
    In this pasuram, Anda:l is showing the worldly material results to those who allow them to do the Vratham, though, the main result of this Vratham is to enjoin Lord Krishna only.  Let us sing the glorious name of the one who measured this whole universe with His feet in Thrivikrama incarnation.  We shall call it vratham and if we follow it  taking the Divine shower  in the early hours then, there won't be any calamities to anybody, anywhere in the whole world.  There will be rains once every 10 days thus,  thrice every month.  Paddy grows extremely well. As there is no scarcity of water and the fields are full of waters, fishes in the water jump across the paddy branches.  In those water sheds, the lotus like kaluva flowers blossom and in them the big bees rest, with their stomachs filled with the plenty of honey. If  Courageous, strong and persevering persons hold the milching sacs of the cow and once start to sqeeze milk then, at once, all the pots that were brought will get filled with the milk given by those extremely generous great cows.  Everyone will be blessed with such plenty of wealths, come on !  This is our Vratham let us follow.




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"