tiruppavai 2
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pasuram :2



vaiyaththu va:zhvi:rga:l ! na:mum nam pa:vaikku
    seyyum kirisaigal ke:li:ro:, pa:rkadalul
    paiyaththu yinra paramanadi pa:di
    neyyunno:m pa:lunno:m na:tka:le: ni:ra:di
    maiyattezhudo:m malarittu na:mudiyo:m
    seyya:dana seyyo:m thi:kkuralai cchenro:do:m
    aiyyamum picchayum a:ndanaiyum kaika:tti
    uyyuma:renni ugande:lo:remba:va:y

vayaththu = On this Earth
va:lvi:rga:l = those who enjoy
na:mum= We
nampa:vaikku = for our Vratham
seyyum kirisaigal = things to do
ke:li:ro: = listen

paiya thuyinra = (He who is) taking rest
pa:rkadalil = In the Milky ocean

pa:di = sing
paraman adi = lotus feet of that parathaththwa  Narayana

neyyunno:m = We don't take ghee
pa:lunno:m = neither milk
na:tka:le: = In the early hours
ni:ra:di = take shower

maiyittezhudo:m = We don't put the black paste to our eyes
na:mudiyo:m = neither do we wear
malarittu =  flowers

seyyo:m = We don't do
seyya:dana = the proscribed things
senro:do:m =We never go and say
thi:kkuralai = bad things (about others)

kaika:tti = We shall practice
a:ndanayum = to the possible extent
aiyyamum =  to do charity and generous donations
pichchayum = to give alms to the saints and Sannyasis

ugandu = enjoy (and listen )
uyyum a:ru enni = thinking of the ultimate path

e:lo:remba:va:i =  this is our vratham, let us follow


Short  Meaning -   In this pasuram Andal says -
                Those who enjoy  living on this Earth !  Listen to the things we do in our Vratham !  Let us sing the glories of the Lotus feet of Parama:thma Lord Na:ra:yana who is taking rest in the milky ocean.  During this Vratham,  We take shower in the early morning. We don't take any preparations made of milk and  Ghee.  We don't put the black paste (Ka:tuka) to our eyes, nor do we wear garlands / flowers.  We shall never do the things that were not accepted by our elders, nor do we go to others and speak  bad about anybody or anything.  We shall practice to generously do charity to the extent possible and give alms to the saints and sannyasis. Listen to the things we need to do, relish  thinking the ultimate path !  This is our vratham, let us follow.




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"