karma siddhanta and the doctrine of re-incarnation
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Karma siddhanta (doctrine of actions that bind the doer):
The swaroopa (constitution) of a jIvatma (spirit soul) is sat-chit-ananda vigraha (personality of eternal bliss with knowledge). Jivatmas are attributes of Almighty, and are His eternal associates. They find all their bliss in being associated with the Supreme Lord, Sriman Narayana. Swayam prakasatva (consciousness or identifying one self and others) is one important difference between jivatmas and matter. Matter cannot be knowledgeable about its own existance, where as a living entity can. Jiva carries this swayama prakasatva eternally, however it may be fluctuating. Because of his ability to identify itself, when he identifies himself independant of Ishvara (god), he is bound to the fruits of all his activities. As long as a person is acting in his natual configuration to satisfy the supreme Lord Sriman Narayana, there is no attachment of fruits of one's actions to one's self. We always have the free will to choose between acting for the Lord or to act independant of the Lord.
But when a person acts independant of God, because his karma(action) binds him, he is called badha jivatma (conditioned soul). He is conditioned by the fruits of his actions. To purify badha jIvatmans, the Lord out of His causeless mercy arranges this material world, where this conditioned soul can take a suitable body, take the fruits of actions and gradually develop taste to go back to parama pada(highest abode), Sri Vaikuntha.
Cycle of repeated birth and death
In the material world, we are forced to transmigrate from one body to another indefinitely. We take birth, enjoy the fruits of our actions in previous birth and get bound to our new actions in this birth. We can take any body from any of 8 million types of species. In the human form of life, we enjoy great degree of free will, which is very limited in other forms of life. Hence we have act in a responsible way to choose the right things. At the end of one's life one is given punishments in hell for one's sins,  one is given comforts in heaven for one's pious activities. But the periods in either heaven or hell is limited. As soon as we have enjoyed punishments or luxuries for our action, we will again accept a new body. This is a cycle of infinite loops.
Human form of life is a great chance to come out of this loop of repeated birth and death. One can enquire about Absolute truth (God), serve Him under the guidance a sat-acharya (spiritual master), pray to the Almighty to distroy the shackles of karma and again act only for the pleasure of the Lord. We have to understand that we are not this body, but the indwelling soul in the body.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY ONE CAN COME OUT OF SAMSARA. Please take the divine blessings of Bhagavad Ramanuja Acharya, take shelter of a great acharya of Sri vaishnava sampradaya and do kainkaryams to the Lord and acharya. One should give up the false doership ego, and serve to please the Lord.The most Merciful Lord will certainly consider your case as petetioned by the acharya and grant moksham from this bondage to serve Him eternally in Sri Vaikuntha.

athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"