darwin's theory
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Unfortunately in the modern society, every one talks about science with half knowledge. If you ask an athiest why do not you care for God, he responds that science has already found how different beings are developed, God is not responsible for our creation. If science has really proved evolution theory, then there is a rational reason why people do not believe in religions. However it is notable that Darwin's evolutionary theory is not accepted completely within the scientific communities itself, and there are many basic deficiencies in that theory to be accepted as fact.
To speak about the evolution of life, one should have proper understanding of what life is, what birth is, and what death is. Unfortunately there is no idea of any of these terms in the scientic literature. The reader of this article can check in www.google.com or any search website to find the definition of life. The author fortells the result of such a trial, that science factually doesnot know what life is. They have some idea of symptoms of life, but they do not have a comprehensive understanding of life as a whole.
Without even knowing what life is, many scientists claim that they know how life has evolved. There are many other flaws in this theory and will not stand in the test of time. Many such theories will come and go, but the truth of life is best explained in Vedas in a comprehensive manner. Unfortunately, the academic books and half knowledged science teachers are teaching darwin theory as a fact rather than a theory. Please save your self and your children from false propaganada. Please donot lose faith on God based on some theories of flaws.
The following link is a e-book that dis-proves darwin's theory in a scientific way. The book establishes the theistic belief of creation of different species of animals and plants, as against darwin's theory.

athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"