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am I real or unreal?If I am real,

am I the same entity that I think I am,

Are there any other entities exist other than me?

if there are other-entities (god, matter,.....), what is my relation to them.

what serves my interests better than anything else

is there any thing like eternal bliss beyond any comparision,

if such a state existing, how can I attain that state.


The vedas are the key to all these questions.

Vedanta Sutras starts with the rule "athAso brahma zignAsa"- then thereafter enquire about absolute truth. Atleast in our discrimination, only humans can have questions of this type and not other animals. Though the vedas, upanishads, vedAnta sUtrAs and Bhagavad gita answer all the questions loudly, because of our incapacity to understand them, we do not have answers to these questions. But some great intellectuals of the society have given different interpretations of what vedas are trying to tell. These interpretations broadly fall into three categories, namely advaitha, dvaitha and visishta-advaitha. There are many other categories also like suddha advaitha, bheda-abheda, achintya bheda-abheda,.... All the spiritual leaders of hindu religion have agreed to either one of these schools and often there are debates between different schools. It is appropriate to say here that each of these schools have their own reason why they believe their school represents the original purport of vedas.

From a surfacial view, all these doctrines appear to be speaking the same points but with different emphasis to different issues. Yet not all of them are true and only one of them is true. Infact, the present day people who are lazy to learn any of these doctrines, conclude that they all are speaking the same. Unfortunately their observation is based on improper understanding of all the schools. The faithful followers of each school see their distinct reading of vedas when compared to others. People become somuch secular that they started to state that all these conflicting schools are equally correct without even considering to try any of the doctrines. One may say, I am not such a great scholar to understand the intricacies of all these schools of vedAnta. Even in that case, sticking to one of these schools is better than concluding all the schools as saying the same thing, without understanding any. Eventually one will rise to the level of understanding different doctrines, and in due course of time one will find out the correct philosophy.

In the modern hindu society, it became a fashion to say that "accepting every one is correct" or "every thing is correct", "or "all the paths leads to the same destiny". This is a kind of mental laziness induced into the society and people are stopped from any serious investigation about truth. "Any one can say any thing as true", some even say "truth is subjective or relative". Such ill-fated persons are always confused of what is correct at every point of their life, as they think that every thing is correct only. They are confused to choose the correct among all the apparent correct paths and lose themselves. This kind of illusion theory (every way leads to same destination) is laid down by some very famous recent philosophers of India. The fame of a person makes him big than the truth behind his words. This statement has complete validity in this case as these big-named philosophers sitting in the text books of academics are successfully preaching spiritual laziness to the young minds, completely siezing their analytical ability of enquiring about truth with a sweet poision of "everything is relative".

The world needs a real spiritual revolution, the revolution of human beings to be able to enquire about Absolute truth. "Truth is not subjective or relative. Truth is absolute. Truth may have different relations to different people, yet the very truth is Absolute." Fight the pseudo truth in us, fight for the Absolute truth. After all, realising truth is what the purpose of life.

athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"