Thiruppaan Alwar
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Thiruppaan Alwar
Period 8th C. AD
Place Uraiyur
Other Names Paanar, Muni-vaahanar, Yogi-vaahanar, Kaveeswarar
Month Kaarthigai
Star (Natshatram) Rogini (Rohinee)
Hamsam Srivatsam

Cauvery river which flows towards the Chozha Empire, makes the land rich in all of its production and wealth. Lots of Andhanars (Who always thinks of Sriman Narayanan) and good knowledged poets are found here. Lots of poets and Sri Vishnu bhaktas has raised the popularity of the Chozha Empire.

Uraiyoor is the capital of Chozha Empire at that time and lots of big buildings and houses full of lights are found which is one of the beautiful scene that has to be seen and enjoyed.

Uraiyoor is found near Sri Rangam. Since, Uraiyoor is rich in all of its wealthness, Sri Emperumaan is found in this sthalam as found in Sri Rangam as "Aranga Naadhan".

Dharma Varman, who ruled the Chozha Empire, wanted her daughter, Neela Devi to get married to Sri Ranganathan. But, he doesnt know that Neela Devi was the hamsam of Naachiyaar (Uraiyoor Naachiyaar and got married to Sri Ranganathar.

Sri Rangam, which is called the Bhoologa Vaikundam is surrounded by divine breeze and musical people. Nearer to Sri Rangam, is found a small village named "Alagapuri", where lots of musical people are found. One small place named "Baanar Cheri" is found, where Baanar (or) musicians, who are capable of arresting the minds of all people and even the Devas and Rishis.

But as the time went on, these baanars are separated and kept as a separate categorised peoples and who were treated as untouchables. But, in that categorised people, as the hamsam of the small mole, called as "Srivatsam" which is found in the chest of Sriman Narayanan, a small child born in this world in Purthurmadhi year, Kaarthigai month, Wednesday in Rohini Natshatram and it is "Thiruppaan Alwar".

His Characters and all of his activities are same as that of a pure Vaishnavas have. Having a veena in his hand, he always sang on Sri Vishnu and his fame and spread his capabilities and the love he offers to his bhaktas, in his songs. Because of this, he is also named as "Paan perumal".

The untouchable people are ordered not to keep their feets on Cauvery river. Because of this and to obey the order, Paan Alwar did not touch the cauvery river, but stood along the banks of the river facing Thiruvaragam temple and sung various songs, praising the Lord.

But, the Emperumaan wanted to explain the greatness and his Bhakthi of Thiruppaan Alwar towards Him and as an action to it, he started to play a small drama.

The cauvery water is used for the Thirumanjanam for Sri Ranganadhar. Loga Saaranga Maha Muneetharar, who is the strict follower and a devoted bhakta of Sri Ranganathar, daily bring the cauvery water of Thriumanjanam. One day, when he was sleeping, he had a dream in which the Aranganadar explained about Paan Perumal and he should be taken on the shoulders of Loga Saaranga muni, without having the mind that he is an untouchable person.

Loga Saarangamuni, who being the strong follower of Sri Vishnu, got up early next morning and went to the other side of Cauvery river and met Thiruppaan Alwar. On seeing him, he explained about the dream he had last night and told him that he should climb on his shoulders, so that he can be taken to the other side of the Cauvery river, where Sri Ranganathar is giving his seva.

On hearing this, thiruppaan Alwar started crying, since he is not the right person, should climb on his shoulder, since Logasaranga Muni is a well known Vaishnavan.

But, Saranga Muni explained without having any jealous that on behalf of him only, Sriman Narayanan came in his dream and praised him that he is the person who will be honoured if he climbs on his shoulders.

Thirupaan Alwar could not convince him and finally he sat on on his shoulders. Saranga Muni started walking towards him Sri Arangathan through the Cauvery river. All the people of the village were surprised to see this scene and stood in silence without knowing what to do.

After reaching the temple,Saranga Muni made Thiruppaan Alwar to get down from his shoulders and raising his hands, he went to the corner of the Sannadhi and stood in silence, seeing the Perumal.

After getting down, Thiruppan Alwar could not believehis eyes because he was seeing Perumal who thinks that he could not see him in his life. His body was cooled and the eyes started to drop the tears. Both of his hands were raised above his head and he started to sing slokas on Sri Arangathan.

First he saw was the Thiruvadi(lotus feet)of Aranganathan and started to sing the pasuram:-

"Neel madhil Arangathamman thrukkamalpadham vandhu en Kanninullana okkinrathe."

After seeing the beaauty of the thiruvadi,he started to see step by step of the whole body of Emperumaan,he sung ten paasurams which explain the beauty of Sri Ranganathar from his thiruvadi (foot) to thirumudi(head).

He explains in his ten paasuram about the clean safron cloth which is worn on the body of Ranganathar, his jewels the thiru vayiru(stomach) from where Lord Brahma originated, the broad chest, the red lips and finally on explaining the beauty of the two broad eyes, he fell down. After some time, Thiruppaan Alwar was not found and he went in to the body of Thiruvarangathan. Like Andal, whose thought was always on Aranganathan, who was captured by the love of the Perumal, Thiruppaan Alwar was also captured by the love and he went towards the Aranganathan.

Thiruppaan Alwar has sung only ten paasurams,but in that itself,he has explained about how a human should be. He explains in that ten paasurams tha Perumal is the leader and our aim should be to reach Him and to get the complete Saranagathi(total surrender) in HIs thiruvadi, and that is the final place,where all of us has to reach.

Inspite of born in an untouchable category, but as a result of his devotion towards Sriman Narayanan,he was listed among the great twelve Alwars.

Likewise,eventhough if we are not like Thiruppaan Alwar, we can atleast think of him and do our daily duties of helping others. so that we can attain the Perumal's thiruvadi, where all the Alwars reached.

athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"