Kulasekara Alwar
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Kulasekara Alwar
Kulasekara Alwar  
Period 8th C. AD
Place Thirvanjikkolam
Other Names Kollikkaavalan, Koodal Naayagan, Koyikone, Villavar Kone, Cheyralar Kone
Month Maasee
Star (Natshatram) Punar Poosam (Punarvasu)
Hamsam Kaustubha (Gem Necklace)

Chera Nadu is otherwise called as "Malai Nadu", which is rich in wealth and is surrounded by big beautiful mountains and rivers. In this Chera Nadu, lots of Elephants are found as cows found in Thondai Nadu. All the people found in this empire are said to be great warriors. Not only in war, but also in education and the way they led the country and their life. Chera Nadu was ruled by Chera Kings, who ruled for more decades. They led the empire in peace and made the life of the people happy.

In that generation, a king by named "Thidaviradhan", ruled the Chera Empire, who had a great bhakti towards Sriman Narayanan. He gave proper respect and gave lots of valuable things to Vishnu bhaktas. As the kind of life by the king, as the Hamsam of Sri Vishnu's Sri Kousthu, a baby was born in Prabhava year, Maasi month, Sukla Dvadesi, friday in Punarpoosa Natshatram (Star). Since, the child was born as the result of Vishnu bhakti of the king, it look very bright and beautiful.

As the birth of child, the entire empire celebrated his birth and after 10 days, the child was kept the name "Kulasekaran". He did all the mischief things in the childhood days what a child does generally. But, at the same time, he learnt all the important issues and also learnt the Sanskrit language, which is said as the Veda Mozhi (Vedic language). He was not only taught with the studies, but also with various was teachings like horse riding, Elephant ride, practiced the sword fight, Gadhai and Chariot riding. He was very well taught with studies and also with various fighting aspects for war.

After attaining the proper age, he was given the throne and led the Chera Nadu, better than his father led. He also gave the proper respect to the Vishnu bhaktas and made the people very happy. He fought with great speed in the war and defeated all the opposing kings. On seeing this, the Chozha kings and Pandiya kings got jealous on him and tried to defeat him in the war. But, Kulasekarar with his mighty soldiers and army defeated them and extended his empire towards Chozha Nadu.

Kulasekara Alwar On seeing the greatness and the masculine character of Kulasekarar, Pandiyan king married her daughter to Kulasekarar. After getting married, he led his life with his wife and along with the war and capturing the various empires. But, seeing all this, the Emperumaan who is found on the Paambuanai (Perumal found on the Aadhiseshan using him as his bed) wanted to make kulasekarar to get out from the Maayai and wanted him to lead an spiritual life.

But the life of Kulasekarar went on as this and one fine day, he got irritated for his leading of life and felt sorry for the lives he had killed in the war. This made him to think about Sriman Narayanan and thought that he should lead his life by being useful to others and at the same time he should spread the Vishnu Bhakti in the midst of human life.

He was really worried that he should have not born in a rich family, but instead he might have born in an unwealthy family, so that he could not lead a luxurious life. He even thought that he might have born as a fish in any of the Punniya theerthams, so that he might have a close relationship with the Perumal.

This thought didn't stop, it extended assuming him (Kulasekarar) as the mother (Devaki) of Sri Kannan, he explained the childhood leelas of Sri Krishnar. He explained his leelas as :

"Thann Am Thamaraik Kannane! Kanna
Thavazhtu Ezhundhu Thalarndhu Oar Nadayaal
Mannil Sempodi Aadivandhu Enthan
Maarbil Mannidam Petrilen! Andho!
Vanna Chemsiru Kaiviral Anaithum
Vaari Vaaikkonda Adisilin Micchil
Unnaip Petrilen oh! Keduvinaiyen
Ennai Enseip Petradhu Em Moyae"!

In this, Kulasekarar thinks Sri Kannan as his child and explains him about his childhood leelas. He started to love the God and it extended so well.

Because of his great bhakti, he did lots of Dhaanams to Vishnu bhaktas. He praised the Perumal by praising and satisfying his bhaktas.

Kulasekarar had a great attention towards hearing the purana stories. He called up lots of old persons and heared lots of old stories and the thathuvam in it. He gave lots of prizes to the old person. Likewise, one day an old yogi was called to say a story in the puranas.

The old yogi told the story of Ramayana and the way of life led by Sri Ramar. On hearing the story of Sri Ramar, Kulasekarar as he was deeply attracted by the life of Sri Ramar, his eyes started to release water and he was totally surrounded towards Sri Ramar.

The next day, the old yogi explained about the war scene that happened in Ramayana. In that he explained, that Lakshmanan was asking for the permission to fight with the Arakkars (Demons) who had come against them. But, at that time Sri Ramar stopped him not to go to fight with them, but asks him to stay as the protection for Seetha amd came out from the hut. On seeing Sri Ramar, Soorpanaka roared at all of the Arakkars that Rama has come out and asks his entire troops to surround him. All the arakkars had lots of sharp weapons and surrounded Sri Ramar.

On hearing the story of Sri Ramar and he was deeply attracted by this scene, Kulasekarar thought that there is something harm is going to happen for Sri Ramar and quickly stood from that place and orders all of his army persons to get ready for the war.

But, all the war members, on seeing the action of Kulasekarar was amazed and surprised that why and with whom they are going to raise the war, since the choza and Pandiya kings who are treated as their enemy are being quiet at that time. But, they have to obey the orders of their king and prepared all the horses and Elephants for the war.

Kulasekarar made himself comfort for the war and came out of the palace and stood on the Chariot. But, on knowing the great bhakti towards the Emperumaan he had towards Sri Ramar, his ministers found that the war plan was because of the story the old yogi was telling and asked the yogi to tell the complete story to their king.

The yogi completed the story that their is not necessity for the war, since Sri Ramar, single handedly have defeated all the arakkar. On hearing this and the greatness of Sri Ramar, he was very much attracted to him and at the same time, he order all of him army members to go to their places and tie up the horses and elephants in their places. This explains about great attraction of Kulasekarar towards the Emperumaan.

But, this action of their king towards the Vaishnavism increased, all the ministers were angry on all Vishnu bhaktas and this anger turned towards them. Some of his ministers, stealed the ornaments of the Perumal.

The next day, Kulasekarar was surprised to see some of the ornaments being stolen. He wanted to know who had done that, knowing the situation, the ministers complained that the ornaments are stolen only by the Vishnu Bhaktas. But, kulasekarar denied that by saying it cant be done by any of Vishnu bhaktas and having a great faith of them, Kulasekarar asked some of ministers to bring a vessel in which lots of poisonous snakes are put.

His ministers also did the same thing as said by their king. They came along with a vessel in which lots of poisonous snakes are found. Kulasekarar said to all of his ministers in the midst of the palace, that he is going to insert his hand into the vessel. If the ornaments are stolen by the Vishnu Bhaktas as said by his ministers, the snakes will bite him, but if not, they will not bite him.

By telling this, he inserted his hand into the vessel, but since the ornaments are not stolen by the bhaktas the snakes didn't bit him. He took his hand without even a single bite. The entire minister was ashamed of their act towards the Vishnu bhaktas and they asked sorry to kulasekarar for what they have done. But, Kulasekarar asked then that he is not the right person to ask for, they should ask sorry to the Vishnu Bhaktas. This acts of Kulasekarar explains how dedicated he is towards Vaishnavism and to the Vishnu bhaktas.

This kind of great character of Kulasekarar made him to get the name as "Kulasekara Alwar" and he followed the Vaishnava bhakti to a vast extent. He had a great bhakti towards Sri Ramar who is also called as "Periya Perumal" and he wrote "Perumal Thirumozhi". He did a lot of Kainkaryams (devotion) towards Aranganathan and finally got the Paramapadham

athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"