periya alwar
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Period 9th C. AD
Place Sri Villiputhur
Other Names Vishnu Sittar, Patta Naadan, Bhattar Piraan, Sri Villiputthooraar, Sriranganaatha Svasoorar
Month Aani
Star (Natshatram) Swathi (Swaathee)
Hamsam Garuda (Chariot - Veheicle)

Poomalai Kaimkaryam of Periyazhwar

Sri periyazhwar was deeply interested in serving perumal vatapatrasayi in the best manner as possible.Sri Vatapatrasayi perumal is The lord who appears as resting in yoga nidra on a small banyan leaf with the whole universe inside His stomatch to protect it(Universe) from Pralayam.

While doing anusandhanam of Srimad Bhagavatham periyazhwar came across the following incident.

Sri krishna paramatma comes to mathura for slaying king kamsa alongwith balarama.While getting down from his chariot at mathura Sri krishna paramatma saw the malakaran taking flower garlands for the king kamsa immediatly sri krishna paramatma stopped the malakaran and asked him for a flower garland .The malakaran reverentially replied "so many rishis and mahapurushas perform penace to get your divine darsanam and you who are so elusive to them came before a ordinary person like me and gave me your darsanam out of your own will and have asked me a garland.what more grace can i expect" saying this the malakaran picked out his best flower garland and offered it to the lord .The lord was very happy in receiving the garland and then left for kamsa's palace.

This incident left a strong impression on periyazhwar's mind and he concluded that preparing and offering flower garlands to the lord was the best kaimkaryam and thus prepared a small flower garden in front of his house and grew different varities of flowers like Tulasi,Tamarai,shengazhaneer,mallikai mullai etc and looked after the garder with great care.

Daily He used to get up very early and after taking his bath and finishing his anushthanams used to go to the nandavam and then carefully select the flowers and after plucking the best among the lot used to weave a garland and then take it to the vatapatrasayi perumal sannidhi ,the bhattar used to adorn the malai over mooolavar in a very nice fashion after being satisfied vishnuchittar used to offer his prayers and leave the place.

His tiru pallandu is very famous among the Vaishnava devotees. This great alwar's special daughter is none other than Srimati Andal, the author of Tiruppavai. 

athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"