Pei Alwar
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Pei Alwar
Pei Alwar  
Period 7th C. AD
Place Mylapore
Other Names Kairava muni, Maha-daahva-yaar
Month Iyppasi
Star (Natshatram) Sadhayam (Satabhishak)
Hamsam Nandhgam (Sword)

Pey Alwar concluded by singing the third 100 verses starting with the words ' Tiruk Kanden, Pon Meni Kanden' ( I found the glorious, golden form of the Lord').


Tiruk Kanden Pon Meni Kanden- Thigazhum / Arukkan Ani Niramum Kanden-Seruk Kilarum / Pon Aazhi Kanden Puri Sangam Kai Kanden / En Aazhi Vannan Paal Inru On witnessing the glorious vision in which the entire universe was the very body of Lord Narayana, the Alwar proceeds to describe all that he had seen. "


I have seen the glory of SRI, the consort of the Lord; I have seen hos

bewitching body that is azure in color as the sea; I have seen his brilliance like that of the Sun; on his one hand, he holds his divine discus that reverberates in the battlefield  and on the other he holds the divine conch.

Seru : Battle, Aazhi Vannan : One whose color is like that of the blue seas.


The verses were so constructed that the ending word of each verse became the commencing  word of the next verse - a special kind of prosody characteristic of Tamil literature called 'Anta Adhi' 'Anta' means 'end' and 'Adhi' means 'beginning'. The three works were thus called First Antadhi, Second Antadhi and Third Antadhi respectively and set in motion the mellifluous flow of Bhakti literature to follow.


Thanian on Pey Alwar Seeraru Mada Tirukkovilur Athanul / Karaar Karu Mukhilaik Kaanap Pukku /Oraat Thiruk Kanden Enru Uraitha Seeraan Kazhale Uraik Kandaai Nenje! Ugandhu/

" O! My mind! On the corridors of the ramparts of the lovely Tirukkovilur where reclines the Lord with the color of the rain bearing clouds. Experiencing an intimate bonding with him, the great Pey Alwar has bequeathed to us his psalm "Tiruk Kanden" in Antaadhi style. You can derive divine ecstasy by concentrating on his holy feet"


The Divya Desams consecrated by Pey Alwar (14) Tiruvarangam, Tirukkudantai, Tiruvinnagar,

Tirumaliruncholai,Tirukkoshtiyur, Ashtabuyakaram,Tiruvelukkai, Tiruppaadakam, Tiruvekka, Tiruvallikkeni, Tirukkadikai, Tiruvenkadam, Tiruppaarkadal and Paramapadam


athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"