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Ramanujacharya (National biography series) byR. Parthasarathy 

Sri Ramanuja on the Upanishads, (Unknown Binding)
by  S. Raghavachar

Gleanings from the Sribhasya (Unknown Binding) by Padma narasimhan


Introduction to the Vedarthasangraha of Sree Ramanujacharya, (Unknown Binding)
by  S. Raghavachar

Vedarthasamgraha of Sri Ramanujacarya

Sri Ramanuja on the Gita (Unknown Binding)
by  S.Raghavachar

The Gitabhashya of Ramanuja (Unknown Binding)

Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita: A Study Based on the Evaluation of the Commentaries of Samkara, Ramanuja & Madhva (Hardcover) 
The Author S.M. Srinivasa Chari is a Vedanta scholar trained by eminent traditional teachers. He did his Ph.D. from University of Madras.

Impact of Sri Ramanujacarya on Temple Worship (Hardcover)

by SarOjini jagannath

The Seven Great Untenables (Sapta-Vidha Anupapatti) (Hardcover)

. Aprthak Siddhibhava (Hardcover)
by Aparna Chakraborty.

Philosophy of the Upanishads (Hardcover)
by K. T. Pandurangi (Foreword), S. M., Srinivasa Chari

Gadyatrayam of Bhagavad Ramanuja: Text in Sanskrit with the commentary of Periya Accan Pillai (Unknown Binding)

Sri Ramanuja on tat tvam asi and neti neti (Sri Ramanuja thought series) (Unknown Binding)
by Ke. Es Narayanacarya

Yatiraja saptati of Vedanta Desika (Unknown Binding)
by Venkatanatha

The Tattvatraya of Lokacharya;: A manual of Visishtadvaita (Unknown Binding)
by Pillai Lokacharya

A treatise on visishtadvaita philosophy (Benares Sanskrit Series) (Unknown Binding)
by Bhashya vartika

Fundamentals of Visistadvaita Vedanta: A Study Based on Vedanta Desika's Tattva-Mukta-Kalapa (Hardcover)

Tattvatrayavyakhyanam: Manavalamamuni's commentary on Pillai Lokacarya's Tattvatrayam (Unknown Binding)
by manavala mamumi

Fundamentals of Visistadvaita Vedanta: A Study Based on Vedanta Desika's Tattva-Mukta-Kalapa (Hardcover)
by S.M.Srinivasa chari

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athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"