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AtmayOni: SwayamjAtO vaikhAna: sAmagAyana: !                             DevakI nandana: srashTA  kshitIsa: pApanAsana: !!  

SankhabhrunnandakI chakrI sArngadhanvA gadhAdhara: !                 rathAngapANi rakshObhya: sarva praharaNAyudha: !!

vanamAli gadI SArngI ShankI chakrI cha nandaki !                                             srImAn nArAyaNO vishNu: vAsuDevObhi rakshatu !!

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Welcome to SrI vaishNava sAmpradAya website.

 The website is designed with the aim of providing basic information about the parama-vaidika SrI vaishNava sAmpradAya. Traditionally, the information pertaining to vEda along with its ancillories are studied under the auspices of a sat-AchArya(bonafide spiritual master) in a systematic way. With the whirlpool of modern civilisation and circumstances, the feasibility to undergo this traditional training has been difficult for many aspirants. Under these circumstances, many mahAtmas have chosen this virtual (website) approach to impart their anubhavams. Yet, the necessity of an integrated website with all the basic information in one place is felt and a humble attempt is made in this direction. It is believed that this basic information will drive the aspirants towards a sat-acharya.

Sri Vaishnavism is a great boon for the people of this mortal world to become free from the cycle of repeated birth and death. It is the purest and complete understanding of vedas. The Supreme Lord, SrimAn NArAyana, out of His causeless Mercy has given us the sri Vaishnava SAmpradAya to lead a devotional life as per the injunctions of the Vedas, along with the most glorious acharyas who can protect the sampradaya with their guidance. MahAtmas like alwars, Sri Natha Muni, Sri Yamuna Acharya, Sri Ramanuja Acharya, Sri Swami Desikan, Sri Manavala mamunigal,... have given the most lucid and accurate presentation of vedic injunctions in the form of Sri Visishta-advaitha siddhAnta. They proclaimed the three fold varigated uni-reality namely BrAhman, jivAtma and matter. They have given us the absolute purpose of life, surrender unto the Supreme Lord, Sriman Lakshmi Narayana and the invaluable gift of prapatti marga(surrender).  They established the Supremacy of Sriman Narayana and devotion unto Him from the revealed scriptures.

Please practise and propogate the chanting of holy names of 'SrImAn nArAyaNa' because "sankIrtya nArAyaNa shabda mAtram vimuktha dukhA: sukhino bhavanti". We are all suffering from the disease of material bondage from time immemorial. Mere chanting of Sriman nArAyaNa's holy name can liberate(give vimukti) us from the cycle of repeated birth and death and develope pure love for the service of Supreme Lord. Even a brashta(prostitute) like Ajamil became object of Lord's mercy by his mere making of sound vibration "nArAyaNa" at the end of his life. Let us take the best opportunity of taking birth as a human being and liberate ourselves from the cluches of mAya(ignorance) by becoming devotees of the Lord.

In the realm of modern kaliyuga, people in general lost all faith in the vedic literature and are completely sold to temperory sensual pleasures. Many have taken shelter of athiesm, some have taken shelter of semi-athiesm. Society became somuch polluted that real seekers of tattva (Absolute Truth) find no arm of help. There is a great need for the revival of the situation and acharyas of this great sampradaya are trying in all possible ways to reach all sections of society and enlighten them. There is a great need for a spiritual revolution in the society with regard to distribution of vedic knowledge. A humble attempt is made to expose this great sampradaya to the people of this world.

We request elders to forgive any offenses that we may have committed in presenting the website and enlighten us where we can improve the contents.

We encourage people to participate in our yagna to distribute the light of Bhagavad Ramanuja. The website will be revised from time to time and updated. Those who are desirous of sending articles for the website are welcome. You can also send your suggestions and opinions to


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athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"