tiruppavai 24
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anrivvulagam alanda:y adipo:ththi
senrangu ththennilangai seththa:y thiral po:ththi
  ponraccha gada mudaiththa:y pugazhapo:ththi
  kanrukunila: yerinda:y kazhal po:ththi
  kunrukudaiya: yeduththa:y kunam po:ththi
  venru pagai kedukkum nin kaiyil ve:l po:ththi
  enrenru un sevagame: ye:ththipparai kolva:n
  inruya:m vando:m irange:lo:remba:va:i


As desired by the devotees, Krishna left the bed-chamber and seated himself in the Dvaya-mandapa. Captivated by the magnetic personality of the Lord, the devotees forgot the purpose for  which   they had come and began to bless the Lord, singing His praises as follows:- You who measured thisworld 
steeped in Ahamkara and Mamakara  and  there by  not  only  purified  it  but made explicit your lordship (svamitvam)! many  blessings to your feet. Oh, the Great one! who destroyed  this  'prakriti', the  repository of   egotism, with  its incidental  three  gunas!   many  blessings  to  your  unbounded  prowess. Oh, Destroyer of the evils like Kama and Krotha  which come whirling round  and round a Jiva! many blessings to  your  illimitable  fame. Oh, one  who  uproots   
desire  in  this   world!  many   blessings  to  your  ornamented  lotus-feet. Oh, One  who protects the devoted! many blessings to your 'silam' or endearing qualities; many  blessings  to your  Chakrayudha which destroys the adversaries of your devotees. In this way, we have approached you, singing  your glorious exploits  at  this  auspicious time,  to  receive  the  'purusharta' from you. No doubt, we must have awaited your arrival but on the contrary, we have  gone over to you to pray in your presence. If you have compassion on us and grace us, our nonbu will end successfully.




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"