tiruppavai 6
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pullum silambinaka:n pullaraiyan ko:yilil
  vellai vilisangin pe:raravam ke:ttilaiyo:
  pilla:i yezhindira:i pe:ymulai nanjundu
  kallachchagadam kalakkazhiyakkalo:chchi
  vellaththaravil thuyilamaranda viththinai
  ullaththukkondu munivargalum yo:gigalum
  mellavezhundu ariyenra pe:raravam
  ullam pugundu kulirindelo:remba:vai

pullum = birds that woke up and ready to go out for their food
silambina ka:n = are calling each other, chirping and flying out, see !
araiyan = One who is the king bird (Garuda)
pul = of  those birds,
ko: = whose master is the Lord.
illil = in His temples

pe:raravam = the great sounds of
vellai = white
velisangin = calling conches
ke:ttilayo: ? = Haven't you heard ?
pilla:y = O' little girl who doesn't know the greatness of the glory of Lord
ezhundira:y =  wakeup and come

nanjundu = having suck the poison
mulai = from  the breasts
pe:y  = Of Demon Pu:thana,

ka:lo:chchi = having thrown  by extending His cute legs,
kalla = the evil
sakada = Sakatasura demon
kalakkazhiya =  such that all his relationships gets instantly released,
vellaththu= in the milky ocean
thuyilamarnda = taking rest
aravil = on the soft snakes

viththanai = the root cause of this Universe, Lord Narayana
yo:gi galum = those who practice Yoga
munivargalum = those who practice Japa
ullaththukkondu = having protected them in the heart !
mella ezhundu = slowly wake up and
ari yenna = say  Hari Hari
pe:r aravam = the big sounds of which
ullam pugundu = has entered our hearts
kulirndu = and shrilled us with their cool touch.
Why are you so lethargic, come on to participate in our Vratham ?

Short  Meaning -
             In this Pasuram A:nda:l is awakening one of her friends.  See... the birds have woke up, running here and there busily chirping and greeting each other.  Haven't you heard the great sound of the White Conches blown in the temples of the lord Narayana who is the  Lord of the king of  birds( ie., Garuda), that which is calling the serving devotees to become alert in their duties ?  Having newly entered into the service of Lord, O' little girl, who is yet to know that serving the servants of Lord is the ultimate ! Wake up and join us.    He who drank the breast poison like milk, from demon Puthana who came camouflaged as His mother, He who broke the chariot  into pieces, that was   the deceiving  form of a demon Sakatasura, by just extending His cute legs and simply touching them to the chariot, He who is laying down on a soft serpant in the Milky ocean, whom the Munis and Yogis always try to constantly remember in their hearts by slowly waking up yelling the holy name "Hari"  " Hari"  have all entered into our hearts and calmed it down to the coldest, that which is making us shiver and tremble.  How are you still sleeping, wake up and come !




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"