tiruppavai 5
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ma:yanai mannu vadamadurai maindanai
  thu:ya peruni:r yamunai ththuraivanai
  a:yar kulaththinil tho:nrum mani vilakkai
  tha:yaikkudal vilakkam saytha da:modaranai
  thu:yoma:y vanduna:m thu:malar thu:viththozhuthu
  va:yina:lpa:di manaththina:l sindikka
  ppo:ya pizhayum pugudaruva: ninranavum
  thi:yinil thu:sagum seppelo:remba:va:i

ma:yanai =  One with surprising mysterious characteristics
maindanai = and the one who is the king of
vadamadurai = the northern Madhuranagar
mannu = where there is undisturbed constant relationship with God
ma:ya=pure and clean
peruni:r= great sacred waters
thuraivanai = those that remain on the bank of
yamunai = Yamuna river

a:yar kulaththinil = in the dynasty of the milk vendors
tho:nrum = one who is shining
mani vilakkai = like holy lamp
vilakkam seyda= one who glorified
tha:yaikkudal = the womb of mother
da:mo:daranai = Lord Sri Krishna
thu:yo:ma:y = having become sacred and holy
na:m = We
vandu = having come
thu: = Pure
malar = flowers
thu:vi = having spread
thozhudu = having bowed before
va:yina:l = with mouth
pa:di = who sings
manaththina:l = with full heart
sindikka = having prayed
po:ya pizhaiyum = all our stock of sins
pukutharuva: ninranavum = unknown sins and worships
thi:yinil thu:sa:gum = burns down to ashes  like a single streak of  cotton  fell in a big fire
seppu = remember Him again and again

Short  Meaning -
                        In this  song A:nda:l is showing us the way how to worshi Lord in the best but,,, easiest way.
                       Lord Krishna who has taken incarnation  in the Northern part of Madhura, to save those who adore to Him,   is the one with the mysterious characteristics and Divine sport.  He is the king of Madhura, the place that's always associated with the Lord. Lord Krishna is the one who always stands on the bank of the holy waters of the river Yamuna.  He is like a glowing sacred lamp  born in the cowherds caste.  He is the one, Damodara,  who glorified the womb of his mother.  We should worship such Lord Sri Krishna, with the purity of  not  seeking anyother benefits from Him, by sprinkling the flowers on Him, by singing mouthfully, the glory of  His  holy traits (Kalyana Gunas)   thinking him constantly in our heart, then, all the sins which are due in stock (sanchitha Pa:pa:s) and the sins that are about to materialise, they all get burnt down like that of a streak of cotton having fallen into a rapid fire.  Hence, let us sing His holy names. 



athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"