tiruppavai 4
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a:zhimazhai kanna: onru ni:kaikarave:l
    a:zhiyul pukku mugandu kodu a:rthe:ri
    u:zhi mudalvanuruvambo:l mey karuththu
    pa:zhi antho:ludai pparpana:ban kaiyil
    a:zhi po:l minni valamburipo:l ninradirindu
    tha:zha:de: sa:rngamudaiththa saramazhai po:l
    va:zha ulaginil peydida:y - na:ngalum
    ma:rgazhi ni:ra:da magizhinde:lo:remba:va:yi

Kanna:  = O ' the controller of
A:zhi mazhai = all rains ., ie., Varuna De:va
ni:  = you
karave:l = never hide from us
onru = howmuch little ever
kai = in your generosity.
uruvambo:l = like the body of
mudalvan = the one who is the  root cause
u:zhi = to all the things in this Universe like time etc.,
karuththu = make black
mai = your body
pa:zhi = ever wide
am = and beautiful

ulpukku = Enter into
a:zhi = the deep ocean
mugandu kodu = drink neck full of water
a:rthu= make a big groan
e:ri =  occupy  to the extent sky pervades.
kaiyil = (Then ) in the hand of
parbana:ban = of Lord Narayana
a:zhi po:l = like the Dazzling Discus
minni = give the lightening,
valamburipo:l = like the Divine Conch in His left hand
ninru = stand stable
athirindu = and make big sound

sa:rgam udaiththa =  Like those that have been released from the bow
saramazhai po:l = as that of the rain of arrows
ulaginil = (such that) all those on this Earth
va:zha = enjoy
na:ngalum = we too
magizhindu =  feel happy
ma:rgazhi ni:ra:di = and take shower (a part of our Vratham)
peydida:y = you rain !
tha:zha:de: = without any delay

e:lo:remba:va:i =  this is our vratham, let us follow

 ‘Come on! All De:vathas will  serve those who perform this Vratham. Let us meet the God of rain.  O’ the God of torrential rains, Parjanya!  Plunge deep into the oceans absorbing the whole of its water, roar and spread all over the sky, making your body dark resembling the Originator of this Universe, Lord Na:ra:yana. Now, produce lightening like that of the divine Discus, ‘Sri Sudarsana’ , shining brilliantly  in the wide and beautiful hands of  Padmana:bha, the One who has Lotus arising from His navel, and then, vibrantly produce thunder which should sound like the blowing of the divine Conch, ‘Sri Pa:nchajanya’, that rests in His left hand. Without any delay, like the flooding arrows from the bow, ‘Sa:rnga’, rain all over, such that, all worlds prosper and we too take the shower of Ma:rgasi:rsha Vratham with joy.’




athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"