gadya trayam
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Bhagavadh rAmAnujA's Gadhya Trayam
(saranagati, sri ranga, vaikuntha gadyam)
Sri rAmAnujar thiruvadigaLe saraNam

My humble praNAms to this esteemed group of devotees of sriya: patih sriman narayanan, who are on their paths toward performing prapatti yogam in order to obtain the blessings of Divya dampatis. it is always our desire to perform kaimkaryam at all times and in all sorts to divya dampatis. saraNAgathi tatvam is the only means to attain the same for srivaishNavALs, as guided by our azhwArs, nathamuni, ALavandhAr, yatirAjar(sri rAmAnujar), kUrEsar, parAsarar and our Great vEdAntha dEsikan, maNavALa mAmunigaL, my AchAryA His Holiness Srimad poundareekapuram andavan, His Holiness Srirangam Srimad andavan, His Holiness Sri Ahobila mutt Jeer Azhagiya singar, Sri Vaanamaalmalai Mutt Jeer, Sri Parakala Mutt Jeer and many other Greatest AchAryAs of Sri vaishnavam.

On the panguni utthiram day Lord RanganAtha (naMperumAL) appears along with our mAthA pirAtti Sri RanganAyaki thAyAr and on only this day, one can have this sEtthi sEvai (darshan of Divya dampathis together) and words can NOT come to my rescue for expressing the happiness and bliss one gets during this utsavam when a person looks at Them; Especially because the scene is this:

The Lord (naMperumAL) is standing majestically as usual and more beautiful and graceful today due to the fact that His consort, the Most gorgeous looking pirAtti is enjoying the beauty of Her Lord without taking Her eyes off Him even for a second (She does not even sit facing us; She has turned her posture by 90 Degrees and is facing the LORD fully;) That should definitely make our pithA feel PROUD and HAPPY and one can actually the beaming face of the Lord depicting His happiness in His eyes and His mandhahAsam;

And this is the right opportunity (any one who has got their report cards signed when the father is in joyous mood and is with the mother, who is also happy being with the father will agree with me) for a person to ask for favours from our Divine Eternal PARENTS. Our yatirAjar makes no mistakes; He has struck when the iron is hot.

He has taken the pirAtti first in his side (knowing fully well that pirAtti is only listening; but not looking at him;) by praising Her attributes of mercy, dayA, vAtsalyam and Her being together with the Lord always at all times under all circumstances (nityAnapAyinee) and pleads to the pirAtti for recommending to the Lord.

There goes the Gadhya trayam composition ( saraNagathi Gadhyam, Sriranga Gadyam and Vaikunda Gadhyam composed in prose forms) by sri rAmAnujar, the beauty of which must have already been known to BhagavatALs. These gadhyams are in fact only to guide us who are caught in samsaaric troubles and are in deep waters. There is no other sign of escape for us; except for such excellent compositions of seers. These compositions of yatirAjA had been immediately appreciated by Divya dampatis Themselves and their assurances to protect and save him (and his devotees as well) at all times and to take yatirAjA to Their Lotus feet at the end to perform ceaseless kainkaryam.

With the blessings of Divya Dampathis and of yatirAjA, I would like to think loud with you by posting simple, lucid description of these Gadhya trayams.

May pirAtti SriRanganAyaki samEtha namperumAL bless us all for performing kainkaryams to Divya Dampathis and His BhagavatALs at all times.

sri sharanagati gadyam

athAto "brahma" zignAsA - Then thereafter be inquisitive to enquire about "the Absolute"